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Born to an artist mother, I was surrounded by murals, metal sculptures, and eclectic experiences throughout my childhood. Soon after my mom died, I had three wild and wonderful children, which awakened a pull towards creative living and mothering. My work often explores joy, grief, and power through a womanist lens. I typically paint at night, during cartoons, and while holding a baby.


My aquatic bio includes a lifetime of wet hair and soggy towels. I know what it’s like to hang on desperately to a tube behind a pontoon boat and then skip so hard your bottoms fall off. My college years were spent leaping off of springboards and platforms at the University of Tennessee, then I paid for graduate school with an assistantship overseeing children’s swim lesson. That’s where I met my husband, while we tried to coax a little boy to stop white knuckling the walls and practice being an airplane. We moved to the coast of California and I lived a dream life overseeing lifeguards and then coaching Division 1 diving at Cal Poly for a few seasons.


IG: @staleythepearl

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